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Drainage installation:


Whether it be a failed soakaway, a complete new system or a repair, we can assess the issues and design a long-term solution to suit any situation. We carry out a site visit, which will allows us to establish the best possible outcome for your property whilst complying with all relevant regulations and future plans.  


We can manage all aspects of an installation ourselves including completion of a percolation test (to correctly size the soakaway system), organisation of building control, liaison with the Environment Agency, and even discharge permit applications.  We can supply and install drainage pipes, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, cesspools, pump chambers, storm water drainage systems to comply with the sustainable urban drainage scheme, rainwater harvesters, oil interceptors, fat and grease traps etc.  We pride ourselves on our use of top-quality parts, and our attention to detail. Our installations are built to last. 

Flow Patrol is not tied to any particular manufacturer, and as a result of this, we have no vested interest in using any particular manufacturers equipment. This enables us to provide our clients with a system that suits their needs and the site requirements.




Using the latest technology, we can visually inspect and trace all accessible drainage systems.  We can carry out surveys that are as simple as a look-and-see, with a verbal explanation, to full reports with site plans and DVD camera footage. Our drainage reporting software is compliant with MSCC5 for all pipework.

For septic tanks, treatment plants and pump chambers, we use an easy to understand report format, highlighting any issues that may be present or potentially cause concern, for example, hidden chambers or tanks, an undersized tank due to property expansion or build date, a structural defect, pollution risk, surcharging system and any past issues.

We cover all aspects of surveying such as home buyer surveys, annual inspection, drain tracing and locating, water pipe tracing and recurring blockages.




Much as you would service a car, drainage systems such as pump chambers and sewage treatment plants require regular servicing to keep them running smoothly and effectively, (for example a motor or compressor running a sewage treatment plant will be running for around 8760 hours per year!). If you discharge to a ditch or stream you will need a service on the system (amount dependent on type of system) to comply with the discharge content that it is automatically bound by.  


This preventative maintenance minimises the risk of costly and disruptive breakdowns or flooding and fines.  We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and honest work ethic to keep your drainage system in good order.  

Servicing can include jetting or mechanical cleaning, maintaining pumps and gearboxes (including electrical maintenance), oil changes, maintaining treatment plants, emptying septic tanks, soakaway jetting etc.

We can offer a regular servicing schedule contract to our commercial clients or a more informal servicing provision which may better suit our domestic customers.


No-Dig Repairs:


As per the title, we are able to offer an excellent no-dig repair service. This is where repairs are carried out on a section of pipe or drain, without the system being dug up and exposed.  Different methods include using machinery to drill materials such as concrete out of a pipe, glass-fibre patch repairs on holes or fractures in pipework, pipe re-lining, re-rounding of pitch fibre drains, which may be suffering from blisters or deformation and finally root cutting, where roots are growing into the pipe, causing obstructions.

Repairs carried out in this way are often cheaper and cause less disruption to your property, which is something our clients greatly appreciate.




When you have a blocked drain or pipe, you want it flowing again as soon as possible.  Our vans are equipped with all the tools and machinery needed to clear a blockage, including high pressure water jetting equipment (HPWJ) that can run at 45lpm at 3000psi.


We pride ourselves on not only being able to clear blockages quickly, but also on our ability to stop recurring problems, identifying potential issues and where appropriate, offering  an estimation for repairs.  


Commercial, Domestic, Industrial: 


Flow Patrol has over ten years’ experience working with a wide range of commercial, domestic and industrial clients.

We regularly work for some of the biggest firms in Cornwall and the UK and we have resolved problems and issues that have been ongoing for several years that required a different way of thinking and approach.  


We have all RAMS and health & safety policies available to our clients.  We have up to date DBS certificates, making working within schools, colleges and hospitals a straightforward process for our clients to organise.

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